Monday, September 30, 2013

If I Could Cast Good Ground the Movie

Casting for Good Ground the Movie
It is fun to imagine what my book would be like as a movie. If I had any say in casting a movie based on Good Ground, these are the actors that I would choose for the characters in my book.
      Jim Hooper                                                   Edith Hooper
 Sam Worthington                                               Ellen Page
                Dr. Fielding                                                  Mrs. Fielding
               Dallas Roberts                                             Embeth Davidtz
         Ellis Hooper                                           Clairey Hooper

 Obviously Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!!                   Shailene Woodley 
       Fergus Bayard
     Jay Baruchel or if he were only younger Jeremy Davies
 Elvira Bayard  
  A Camilla Belle look-alike or Lily Collins
Clairey's Mother                                      Joe Davenport    
Beth Grant                                            William Hurt

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  1. So fun that you did this- I think all authors should!!