Saturday, July 20, 2013

My New Project

Ever read a book and get the image of a person or celebrity as you are reading about one of the characters?

Didn’t start out this way, didn’t write with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in mind, but it turns out that after much thought and consideration, I really think that he would make the perfect Ellis Hooper.

If you think so too, don’t be shy! Sign the petition J

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Madness

What has become of me? With summer in full swing in the midst of an intense heat wave, I have fallen into bad habits. Aside from showering, I have done little else. No make-up, no dress up, barely do my hair and that’s to brush it back into a ponytail.  Not like me at all…

I have been busy though.

I wake to my autistic son's begging to go to the zoo every day. He doesn't give up either. He thinks that if he writes what he wants to do on the calendar that it must be so. Therefore, ever square on my calendar is now filled with his favorite activities. But it is too hot to be out and about! And then there's the laundry... I had a shameful moment when I realized that I had become just like a woman that I knew when I was a kid. You know the type. You go over to their house and have to move a two day old, stale PB&J to sit down on the couch. Well that is me (Minus the PB&J. No food allowed outside of kitchen or dining room. I do have some standards, people!)

Anyhow, the laundry has grown to epic proportions. I, therefore, have been doing load after load all day long for several days now. I also came up with a schedule for the children so they wouldn't be sitting and watching television all day long. They have get up and move time, reading time, craft time (which has left my dining room looking more like a dumpster than a place to eat, what with paper scraps, glue, tape, etc scattered about).

But the thing I am most pleased with, is that I have some time to write. My long lost trilogy got pulled out and dusted off. I am completely immersed in all things Civil War right now. I have been editing and writing, and it feels good. More than anything, I wanted to see if I was capable of writing a trilogy. Seems like a huge accomplishment. I have finished with the first and am about three-fourths through the second. Verdict is still out on the third. Haha
I have also been really caught up in Good Ground’s release. Just a week and a half now, my friends. I will be glad when it is finally over. I have all sorts of anxiety over it. It is difficult to sleep at night, because my brain just can’t seem to shut down. Excited? Yes! Scared beyond all reason? That too!
All part of living the dream, right???