Saturday, March 30, 2013



I adore all things vintage! Holding an object that has a story, a past, a history gives me chills. It makes me wonder who else has held this same object lovingly in their own hands. So I was over the moon when I received a package from my sister in Canada for my birthday. She knows me well, and when selecting gifts, she always sends one of a kind treasures that are not only thoughtful but also things that I don't usually get for myself.

Imagine my delight when I cracked open the box and discovered eight delicate teacups, saucers, and a sugar and creamer of Jadeite. And of all things the sugar bowl had its lid. When you buy vintage items it is more common than not to have a missing lid, or a chip, etc. But these babies were in primo condition. I love Jadeite! I love the color, I love how sturdy it is, I love everything about it.

I spend countless hours searching Etsy and Ebay for such a find as these, adding things to my favorite list and salivating over them, but rarely purchasing. Jadeite can be pricey, depending on the rarity of the piece and the condition it is in. I think it is well worth it, as I have found with other vintage items, it is made to last. So when I got my package, I couldn't resist. I washed them up right away and made myself a cup of hot cocoa, sipping it daintily. My husband smiled indulgently, understanding that for a moment I was a kid again playing with my new toy.

Recently we had guests over for breakfast. That is my favorite meal and I really love to entertain for breakfast. Upon the table I set out my new (old) Jadeite teacups. Joy of joy, I got to share them with others.