Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Signing Make Over

I recently had a book signing at Barnes and Noble. In order to prepare for it, I got a new sweater and shirt and my friend Elvia Butz did my makeup. One of my dear friends Kathy Summers says that buying a new outfit is like getting a new set of armor. I totally agree with her. There is something about looking good that makes you feel confident. So I am really putting myself out there on this one.
The Before, that's right NO MAKEUP

Elvia took some before and after shots. So, folks, you get to see the real me, the me that looks like a dead corpse before I put my make up on. One of Elvia’s tips was to make sure that you are exfoliated and moisturized before you begin putting makeup on. Elzia is a professional makeup artist who once did Alyssa Milano’s face. She offer’s her services for photographs, weddings, television (she did my makeup for my television appearance on Fresh Living a couple months back), theater, and film. You may contact her through email or by telephone to book your own session with her.
The Afters

The Book Signing

With one of my biggest supporters Linda Sneathen
Book Signing Barnes and Noble August 3rd

Elvia's Contact Info:

Elvia R. Butz Mobile Beauty Services


  1. Beautiful, talented, NICE lady!

  2. For the record, you look lovely before and after : )

  3. I love it. You are pretty either way. It would be fun to get a makeover from a professional!

  4. She is so good.. my friend got her bridals done by her. She is also fun and goes to whatever location you ask so it's convenient for you. I'm going to book her for my family photos this spring!

    1. That is so great. I know you're going to love her. Let me know how the family pics go.